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sealife ring, sculpted in wax and cast in sterling silver 925


the texture of the ring is hand finished and the inside of the shank is finished to a high polish to make for a comfort and luxurious fit, the ring is open so can be adjusted somewhat to achieve the perfect fit for the wearer.


sealife rings are all adorned with a matching group of Tahitian pearls. A Tahitian round pearl (around 10mm diameter) and three Tahitian Keshi pearls bought from a small independent pearl company based in Tahiti and selling in Europe from their Paris boutique .


this Sea life is set with a Tahitian 10mm round metallic bronze pearl with excellent luster and no surface imperfections and three small Tahitian Keshi pearls chosen to be as close to colour as the main round pearl.

Tahitian sea life ring

SKU: R4/Sox/TPrl

ring size: UK : O Europe: 56

height: 38mm

width: shank: 7mm, top: 22mm

pearls: 10mm round Tahitian peal, 3 small 2-5mm Keshi Tahitian pearls

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