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Mountains and their canyons, ravines, cliffs, boulders, peaks and all the various aspects that comprise their DNA are keepers of earth's stories. Textures and colours are footprints of stories and worlds gone past. Gems found in the ground are crystalised solid forms of time stamps and immense planet activity.

Ovires is a collection born from a revisit to the gorge of Vikos, the largest in Europe, that lies an hour away from my birth city of Ioannina, Greece. The memories of childhood while visiting this space and the eyes of adulthood with which I witnessed the gorge anew laid bare the narrative of earth. Layers of rocks holding a time capsule of what has gone past. Some raw as the day they were formed. Some, altered by the passing of time the footprint of eternal elements.

The Ovires collection pieces elude to the richness of texture and surface of the cliff rocks and boulders as they have been sculpted initially by earth's forces and subsequently by time and the elements. The metal is hand  forged to reflect this activity or wax is curved to reflect the richness and depth of texture. The pieces are adorned  symbolically with gems that echo the splashes colour in the rocks and formations; a blue/green pool of water distilled from the rocks, patches of green growth and sparkles of gold like lichen and rich wildflowers.

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