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Kostadinos jewellery produces work in recycled silver and recycled gold with processes sensitive to the environment and using sustainable material and processes where possible. All packaging is from mainly recycled and recyclable materials out of respect the beautiful planet that hosts are existence.


The work has a raw feel and is highly textured with organic shapes to celebrate the nature that surrounds us; it is tactile, present and solidly individual.

Nature is a driving force and design is the means to express this. The designs in kostadinos jewellery follow the shapes, textures and lines of the rocks, ridges, reefs, sand etc. that host the rich ecosystems of the reefs and mountains. It is the rock formations that tell stories of violent eruptions and geological transformations alongside baring the experience of time and elements that have chiselled and keep shaping them. The intention of the work is to emulate nature and allude to these worlds rather than simply copying it. One hopes that by creating excitement for the silent nature that surrounds us, which is host to such diverse life, will also inspire a more curious and gracious stance towards these fragile diminishing worlds that we need and encourage a greener approach to our own living. ​


Kostadinos was born and raised in the historical city of Ioannina in northwest Greece on the banks of the legend riddled lake Pamvotis, surrounded by mountains. Only thirty minutes from the city is Europe’s deepest gorge and signifier of nature’s energy.  It is without surprise that there is such an appeal and inspiration in the elements of earth and water. The rich cultural and historical heritage of the city and of course the long Greek history with its myths and legends have both influenced a propensity to the mysterious and mythical that it also expressed in the work.

Collections and one off pieces are fabricated with traditional jewellery making techniques (lost wax casting, metal forging and silversmithing with a heavy focus on texture and form. Where appropriate gems (faceted or cabochon and also uncut and raw), pearls and natural materials are used to accent shapes and evoke the organic and natural. Where possible, the stones used will be ethically sourced with traceability all the way to the mine. The work also re-examines traditional pieces such the solitaire ring or the cocktail ring with examples that challenge the traditional notions either in shape or the manner in which the solitaire stone is presented.

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2013 Benchpeg Awards - People's Choice Award  for the necklace Endurance



Art Jewelry Magazine _ Non traditional materials gallery 

Klimt02 _ City and Guilds Jewellery Exhibition


Lifelong learning at City Lit _


a short interview about my work and my career

change from working as a senior manager in direct

sales to designing and making my own hand made

contemporary jewellery.




Education / Development


City Lit                     Emerging Maker in Residence (2014-15)

City Lit                     City and Guilds Year 3 (2013-14) with Joanne Haywood, Distinction

Internship               Tamara Gomez (Jan - April 2013)

City Lit                     City and Guilds Year 2 (2012-13) with Joanne Haywood, Distinction

City Lit                     Sculptural Jewellery Masterclass with Michael Carberry (July 2012)

City Lit                     Fold Forming Masterclass with Paul Wells (July 2012)

City Lit                     Soldering, Finishing & Polishing Masterclass (April 2012)

Central St Martin's  Wax Carving with Martin Hopton (March - June 2012)

Central St Martin's  Illustration and Design for Jewellery with Hannah Martin (September - December 2010)

Central St Martin's  Silversmithing and Jewellery - July 2009

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