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This pieces in this collection have been inspired by the shapes and forms of the underwater world. The rocks, the sand and the variety of life on them that exist at the reefs and the bottom of the sea . In particular the impermanency and ephemeral nature of these surfaces that ever change by the very substance that surrounds them.



Pieces echo the sculpted, imprinted by time, forms on the surface and volume of the rocks on the reefs and sea floor. Rounded off edges, hollow volumes and intricate structures; remnants of the symbiosis of life and rock. Pieces are sometimes adorned with gems or pearls of various shapes, forms and colours to evoke the richness and variety of the underwater fauna and flora. Intensely textured surfaces, subtle and soft lines and curves, organic forms and bold shapes are all combined to render my impressions of this ever changing underwater world; maybe even its fragility in the face of its present state of danger in the face of pollution and climate change.

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