The Magma collection is an organically grown grouping of unique one-off handmade pieces of jewellery. The common threat underlying these creations is the materiality of the metals used and the techniques of forging and manipulation. In keeping with the desire to use gem stones in their natural state where possible the Magma collection produces spectacular results that retain the integrity of the stones and the metal used showcasing both in extraordinary and individual relationships.

Stones command and instruct the design process and are combined with metal in a molten state that produces truly organic shapes and forms.

Metal forged pieces are one of a kind pieces metal work in wearable forms that celebrate the aeons old techniques of metals work.

Black tourmaline crystals respond beautifully to molten metal and the results are often astounding and highly individual with every piece formed around the unique characteristics of the piece of crystal. 


Silver in its liquid molten state has an alchemic quality and can form autonomous shapes with the right push and application of air. While the tourmaline shards or schorls determine if they become an earring or pendant, beads lend themselves to more design focused jewellery allowing for a more controled expression.


Reticulation and forging lend themselves for more controled manipulation of the metal yet again only within the structural confines of the element. The results are again highly organice and individual but easier to repeat and open to be combined with an array of stones and indeed my favourite pearls.... 



Definitions _ oxford dictionaries



  • A pattern or arrangement of interlacing lines resembling a net

  • The formation of a network of wrinkles or cracks in a photographic emulsio



  • Make or shape (a metal object) by heating it in a fire or furnace and hammering it

  • Create (something) strong, enduring, or successful

  • Produce a fraudulent copy or imitation of (a document, signature, banknote, or work of art)



  • (Especially of materials with a high melting point, such as metal and glass) liquefied by heat.

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