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Sandlily one off statement ring


Sandlily is sculpted and carved in wax and cast in sterling silver 925. the surfaces are all hadn finished after casting to enhance the details of the texture.


the top of the ring is my play on what a sandlily growing on the sea bed might look like... a grey silver Keshi Tahitian pearl set of centre being a growing bud...

the shank of the ring has a soft watermark like texture and a high polish finish on the inside to make for a comfortable luxurious wear

sandlily ring

SKU: R27/S/TPrl/txt

ring size: UK: P 1/2  Europe: 57

width of ring: 9mm

weight: 21.1mm

top dimensions: 36mm x 29mm x 11mm

this is a one off ring and can be resized; please let us know

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