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ovires rock pool tapered ring


sculpted in wax and cast in sterling silver 925 this tappered voluminous ring has the same layered rock texture throughout withe burnished edges and a smooth high polish mirror finish on the inside of the shank for comfort and ease of wear.


the ovires rock pool is set with a rich oval cabochon labradorite stone with rich hews and waters of the distinctive labradorite blue looking almost like the glistening water pools formed in rock ponds.


this is a one off ring so, please, let us know if you need this ring resized


if a resize is not possible we can make a new piece but please note that there is a six week lead time to complete a new piece and is subject to finding a stone of similar character and will not look identical to the original as such is the character of handmade pieces and using precious gems.

ovires rock pool ring

SKU: R36/S/Lab

ring size: UK: O Europe: 56

width: 4mm

thickness: 11mm-18mm

height: 23mm

stone: oval labradorite 12mm x 19mm

please note that this is a wide ring so you may need a slightly bigger size to you regular finger size

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